HLEP: Prologue

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(Translator’s note: This chapter was re-edited and now put in first person so it’s not as confusing. Also, a few changes were made to the translation after reading further in the story. The author uses some made up terms so it’s harder, even for a Korean native, to find the definitions for the ‘fantasy’ terms unless the story is known)


Let’s come to our senses… we can’t stop now…

A torrential rain of arrows poured once more.

Many wielded their blades, swollen fingers wrapped around the hilt as they struck against the perfect, undaunted horizon. Some blocked, now on the last vestige of their defense.

I dashed forward with my sword in hand. The blade shivered under my grasp as two victims effortlessly fell under its might and sharpness.

Please don’t fall…

Today must not be the downfall of Secretia!

A certain youth ran towards me, and struck his sword down skillfully.

As I blocked the attack with my shield, my enemy looked me in the eye and said,

“I remember you. What is your name?”

“I’ve forgotten.”

I’m merely the sword** who serves the King of Oroshi.

(*T/N: this doesn’t literally mean that he’s a sword. It’s an idiom that means that he’s serving as someone who kills for the sake of the King)

His arm moves again. The jerk shattered my sword in his grasp.

“That sword… yes… that must be Chase’s Auro.”** His enemy replied. “I’ve always wished to see it.”

(**T/N: Auro is possibly the name of the sword owned by King Chase, but it is now being used by the main character. The sword is almost referred to as a ‘person’ with the pronoun and the enemy wished to ‘meet her’ but it’s actually a weapon…so I retranslated it as ‘see it’ to not confuse readers)

I did not reply, only continuing to grasp the hilt with all my strength. I attacked the enemy, but my foe didn’t even try to avoid the strike.

Then, my enemy shot an ice spear towards me.

I couldn’t block in time.


The sound of the fatal blow passed through my ears.

It was getting more difficult, more laborious to maintain my breathing. The man stood before me and said,

“I am the Balkan Army Commander of the Kailis Mage Division, Arsen Herts. I will remember you Bern, Prince of Secretia. You fought honorably and fiercely.”

I lifted his eyes and stared into the distance.

Your Highness… my elder brother… I tried looking for you.

Then… my eyes blurred until he could no longer see.

I think I’ll rest for now…


It’s fading away…


This was the last memory Prince Bern had.

Now ten years into the past, his eyes opened once more.

He’s now in Kailis, the country which would destroy his former kingdom, Secretia.

He’s now Calian, in the body of the third prince.

Calian… he’s a frail prince, a descendant of a dragon.

The former Calian was quite terrified. He had no background, no ability to defend himself. And he could only live till he was fifteen years of age. By then, he had already been assassinated.

The future I experienced is soon coming to me…

So, what do you do now?

He, Calian asks himself in the mirror.

Naturally, I have to live.

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2 thoughts on “HLEP: Prologue

  1. Confused, to be honest…

    in the timeframe between 10 years ago and the beginning of the prologue, the third prince who is 15 years old is killed? So how old is the bodyjacked third prince now?


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