HLEP: Ch. 1 Prologue

ANNOUNCEMENT: This story will now move over to WordExcerpt



4 thoughts on “HLEP: Ch. 1 Prologue

  1. Confused, to be honest…

    in the timeframe between 10 years ago and the beginning of the prologue, the third prince who is 15 years old is killed? So how old is the bodyjacked third prince now?


  2. I’m a bit confused about which character is being named. There is “the sword who serves the King of Oroshi”, “Chase’s sword, Auro”, “the Balkan Army Commander of the Kailis Mage Division, Arsen Herts” and “Bern, Prince of Secretia”. So Arsen Herts kills Bern. But what about those swords? Is Auro an actual sword or a title for a person? And is Bern or Arsen Herts the figurative sword? Who is saying what?


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