RotFK Ch. 108 I’m Just Too Bored To Let It Go (2)

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“If the crown prince wants Lady Blaise, let him. I think it would be more fun to give him what he wants and then take it away.”

“Yes, my sister.”

Despite his expectations, Ophelia had no intention to interfere with Carlisle’s wedding. On the contrary, she hoped that Carlisle would be happy on his wedding day, whoever he was with. That way it would be worth seeing the miserable, wretched expression on his face when that happiness is taken from him.

Ophelia stopped talking to Cesare and spoke towards a back room which there seemed to be no one.

“Are you doing what I asked you to do?”

“Yes, Mother.”

From the darkness came the voice of the second prince, Redfield. Since childhood, Ophelia locked up in the back room for any wrongdoing and had him write down royal military tactics. It was the same as now. There was an incident and Redfield had a hard time keeping himself under control.

“I know you like your women, and while you say you cannot help it, you have to know how to control yourself before you become emperor. Don’t you know better than to force yourself on a young lady of a well-known family?”

“I’m sorry, Mother. It’s always more entertaining when a pretty face looks so defiant. I’ll be more careful from now on.”

Ophelia clicked her tongue. This wasn’t the first time they had this conversation. Nevertheless, Redfield’s appetite for feminine charms had not been fixed. She used her influence to keep the rumors quiet, but it could be dangerous if this went on any longer. He especially had to be more careful now that Carlisle was back in the palace.

“I’m warning you, stay low for now.”

Cesare stepped in.

“My dear sister, when a man is still young, it is inevitable that his eyes will turn towards a beautiful face. Please understand.”

“What’s the hurry? If he becomes emperor, he’ll be able to take any woman he wants. But I cannot forgive another accident at this time.”

In the end, Cesare shut his mouth in face of Ophelia’s unyielding attitude. Redfield didn’t care what the other two said. He could order his servants to make it look like he completed his punishment. It wasn’t the first time, and he knew how to get away from it by now. Currently, the second prince was instead curating a list of nobles to invite to his party. 

The first name on that list was Elena Blaise. He stared at the name with one hand resting on his chain, and a cruel smile crossed his handsome face.

‘You’re going to marry my brother?’

Redfield amused himself with his imagination. While he heard everything Ophelia and Cesare said, his view of Carlisle’s marriage was a little different.

‘I don’t intend to oppose the marriage, but I’m just too bored to let it go.’




After Elena and Mirabelle took breakfast in the palace, they returned to Blaise Mansion. Under Carlisle’s orders, the two sisters traveled in a colorful carriage decorated with pure gold, however, Mirabelle’s thoughts were turned towards Kuhn, and Elena was still furious that several men saw her sister’s body. 

As they walked on the mansion pathway lost in their own thoughts, a figure came up to meet them.

“Why are you not excited after coming back from the Imperial Palace?”

Elena looked up at the familiar voice, and saw Derek with his customary stern look on his face. He looked as if he had been training near the garden, and his face and body were covered in sweat. 


Mirabelle’s spirits rose at seeing her older brother.

“Are you still training here, brother?”

“How can I neglect even one day of training when the sword fighting competition is near? I don’t like the look on your faces though. Did something happen at the palace?”

Elena and Mirabelle glanced at each other. Both of them were lost in their own thoughts and looking back, there was only silence and awkward smiles in the royal carriage. Mirabelle shook her head at Derek first.

“I had fun at the Palace. The Crown Prince was very nice to Elena. You’ll find out when you meet him.”


Derek had a doubtful expression on his face, but Mirabelle smiled back and continued.

“It would be quicker to just meet him than to say a hundred words. From his eyes, I can feel a lot of affection for her.”

Elena forced a smile Mirabelle’s unexpected words. She really didn’t know if Carlisle looked at her like that, but the best thing to do was to go along with it.

Derek simply nodded his head.

“Yes. As you say, I will meet him later.”

“…I wish I was looked at with that kind of affection.”

Mirabelle murmured under her breath and Derek looked at her curiously.


“N-nothing! I’ll go inside first. I’m tired from the long ride.”

“Go get some rest.”

“Yes. I enjoyed myself with you. Let’s spend time together again, even if it’s not in the Imperial Palace.”

“Of course.”

Elena gratefully patted Mirabelle on the head. Mirabelle was probably worried about Elena’s workload. Of course, Elena didn’t mean to forgive those who saw her sister’s body.

Mirabelle first entered the mansion, and Elena turned to Derek.

“I’m going to go inside too, brother. Don’t push yourself too hard and relax.”

“Alright. See you for dinner later.”


Elena followed her sister inside. Michael, the butler standing by the entrance, greeted her brightly.

“Welcome, My Lady.”

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes, but I have many invitations for you, so please see to them later.”

“Ah, I will.”

He was holding dozens of envelopes in his hands, and she seemed to have caught him when he was arranging them. 

Among them, however, a red invitation stood out. They usually came in plain white envelopes, but this one was elaborately designed. It must have been an expensive envelope that was not readily available on the market. Elena pointed towards it.

“Is that for me, too?”

“Oh, yes, My Lady. Would you like to see it now?”

“Yes, please.”

She was suddenly curious to know what kind of invitation was made with such craftsmanship. Elena opened the envelope of the red invitation to confirm where it was sent from, but unexpectedly, she saw that it was marked with a dragon seal from the Imperial Household. She had just returned from the palace. She opened the envelope, wondering who else would invite her there.


Elena’s mouth fell open. 


Carlisle’s father, Emperor of the Ruford Empire.

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  1. I want to kill the second prince the biatch of empress and her brother !!!!(╬ಠ益ಠ) ლ(ಠДಠ)ლ ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

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  2. Now it’s time to meet dad Emperor, I wonder what he’s like. I hope he wants a fast marriage so wie can see Elena in a wedding dress soon!😍

    Thanks for the mass release.

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  3. I’m guessing that the 2nd prince is the one who used the emperor’s name. Either that or it os really the emperor trying to meet her for something. A trap from the opposing faction is more likely tho.


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  4. Así que el segundo príncipe es un violador en serie, su madre le deja pasar eso y su tío también… en serio son una linda familia asquerosa…

    ¿Cuántas nobles, criadas y plebeyas habrán sufrido por él?, asumo que las de bajos rangos o terminaron como prostitutas de sus hombres o muertas.

    En cuanto a las de alto rango, me pregunto… ¿qué de ellas?

    Ah… tengo unas ganas enormes de partir huevos y regenerarlos… una y otra vez…


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