ATP Ch.46 Kindness or a Trap?

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All Xin Siyue had the energy for was to feel her chapped lips. She couldn’t respond and only thought about rolling her eyesーshe didn’t have the energy to do that either, of course. If she knew that sickness could be so harsh, she would’ve gone to the hospital immediately. 

To think that her new body would disappoint her in such a way… When she was sick in the past, she had gotten halfway better just from sleeping. 

Xin Siyue concluded that wealthy children had naturally fragile bodies. 

The nurse saw that she hadn’t fully recovered yet, and reminded her again, “It’s really not good for you to be alone right now. Call your parents and have them come over.”

Xin Siyue didn’t want to call. They were at Sheng Jin City, anyway, and there was no point in making them worried. 

When the nurse saw the reluctant look in her young patient’s eyes, she decided to ask, “Are your parents not here?”

Xin Siyue thought that the nurse really understood her, so she nodded her head. 

“Do you have a boyfriend? If you do, call him over. If not, call your classmates,” the nurse continued. 

“Thank you.” Xin Siyue said, stopping the nurse from saying any more. 

She had no boyfriend, and she just met her classmates for a week. She felt embarrassed having someone take care of her in the middle of the night. 

Xin Siyue had nothing to do, so she went back to sleep, only waking up the second day from hunger. The rumbling of her stomach was becoming unbearable, but she couldn’t go out herself, so she thought about getting her nurse to bring some light food for her instead. 

She had just pressed the service bell when her door suddenly opened. Xin Siyue was taken aback by how fast it swung open when she suddenly was suddenly greeted by the sight of a particular noblewoman standing by the door. It Chen Sinan’s mother, Weng Yinlin. 

Xin Siyue was shocked. Why did Weng Yinlin appear in her room?

Unable to react, she stared wide-eyed at the woman wearing a light purple dress. 

Behind her were her secretary and driver. As she entered, the exquisite handbag she held came into view and left Xin Siyue silently awed. Her grandiose fashion paired perfectly with such an elegant figure. But no matter what she wore, she was pleasing to the eyes. 

Seeing as the bed-ridden woman before her was awestruck, Weng Yinlin smiled and said, “Hello, Miss Xin. Do you still remember me? We met before.”

Xin Siyue nodded stiffly. She didn’t understand why Weng Yinlin wanted to see her. 

Weng Yinlin laughed, “Yesterday, I was at the hospital for some business and saw the doctors push you into the emergency room. I thought it was you but didn’t dare to be certain. After finding the doctor and making sure, I came to visit. Have I disturbed you, Miss Xin?”

Xin Siyue’s heart trembled at how polite and respectful Weng Yinlin was. 

Wasn’t Weng Yinlin swift and decisive, commanding her speech with an overbearing tone? Why was she speaking like that?

Xin Siyue didn’t know how things could have turned so wrong. Even the setup was wrong. Completely wrong. Every time Weng Yinlin talked with the female lead, sparks flew and blood spilled by the gallon. 

But now that she was acting so amicable, Xin Siyue was terrified. 

Should she call Xin Qiancheng and ask for help?

She wondered where her phone even was. 

She looked all around and discovered that she didn’t bring it! Again!


Weng Yinlin observed how Xin Xiyue’s eyes sparkled occasionally, even though her face was sickly pale. “How did you become like this?” she asked concerningly. She then proceeded to give orders to her secretaryーall of them pertaining to Xin Siyue. The demands included everything from preparing her meals to nursing her body.

Xin Siyue grew increasingly frightened as she saw it all unfold, wondering if there was a trap waiting for her behind Weng Yinlin’s kindness. 

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10 thoughts on “ATP Ch.46 Kindness or a Trap?

  1. Hohoho it feels like the mother-in-law to-be is fattening her up for CS 🤣🤣🤣

    Such a nice coincidence for her to be in the hospital too 🤭🤭🤭

    Thank you for the chapter ∩(︶▽︶)∩ fu~
    ..CS, be ready to be disturbed by your mom~

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      1. Even if it may be a trap, to die under a peony tree is to make for an elegant ghost…
        Wait… This idiom doesn’t work like that…
        Oh well. New ship.
        I guess I’ll sail it.


  2. Lmao, Siyue should just marry Yinlin instead.
    Also I love how head-in-the-clouds Siyue is about remembering things. Even if this time it wasn’t what fault lol.


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