DLVM Ch.218 It’s A Secret (1)

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Ye Fan calmed herself and suppressed her earlier emotions.

He Han’s eyes stopped on Ye Fan, and he was looking at her with something of a smile.

He Han’s coat was open, revealing the dark shirt underneath.

He had an indifferent look on his face, so clothes of this color made him look even colder.

Whenever she looked into his eyes, Ye Fan constantly had the feeling that He Han had found something out.

But she knew it was only her misconception.

A vague smile played on the corners of He Han’s lips as he gently patted the seat next to him.

“Aren’t you going to come sit with us?”

He made these movements so naturally as if he wasn’t just a guest.

Ye Fan was just about to head over, but when she saw He Han like this, her feet stopped.

Is He Han treating this place as his own home?

Moreover, Dudu didn’t find anything wrong with this. As usual, he was sticking to He Han.

He copied whatever He Han did.

When he saw He Han patting the sofa, Dudu followed suit as well.

Reaching out his pudgy hand, he also patted the seat between him and He Han.

“Mama, come sit!”

Ye Fan sighed in her heart. What on earth is going on?

Ye Fan brought her legs over to the sofa. Instead of sitting next to the two of them, she chose to sit on the sofa opposite them.

“Come here, Dudu.”

Ye Fan clapped her hands at Dudu, beckoning him over.

Dudu persisted in pressing his hand on the seat between him and He Han.

He stressed with his sweet voice, “Mama, come here.”

Ye Fan spread her arms towards Dudu. “Dudu, come over to Mama’s side.”

Dudu also stretched his arms out towards her, making as if he wanted to be carried.

“Mama, pick me up.”

Dudu kicked his little legs. “Mama, carry. I want carry.”

Dudu just wanted to make his Mama sit between him and Uncle.

Ye Fan really didn’t want to do it. She had only slept for a while and her son has already been abducted.

During the standoff between Ye Fan and Dudu, He Han kept his eyes on Ye Fan the whole time.

In front of Dudu, Ye Fan’s other emotions would always reveal themselves.

The distance between the sofas was so close that he was able to reach Ye Fan if he just reached out a little.

While she was still maintaining her previous posture, He Han took her end.

Then, he tugged her gently.

He Han controlled his strength well, so Ye Fan just happened to sit down between him and Dudu.

Immediately after that, He Han rubbed the back of her head gently.

“Just let the kid have what he wants.”

It sounded like Ye Fan was the unreasonable one and He Han was the tolerant and complying one.

As soon as Ye Fan came back to her senses, she immediately tried to stand up from the sofa.

He Han pressed on Ye Fan’s shoulder with an empty hand.

He spoke with a tone that was helpless yet doting.

“Stop it.”

Dudu was worthy of being He Han’s little follower. He jumped up from his seat and sat right on top of Ye Fan’s thighs.

He nestled into her arms.

“Mama, are you hungry? Dudu is hungry.”

Dudu tilted his head up from her arms and stared at her with his bright eyes that were like black grapes.

Ye Fan was helpless with Dudu’s heavy body on top of her.

“I’ll bring you to eat then.”

At this moment, He Han stood up. “I have to go, I still have a job to rush over to after this.”

But Ye Fan thought to herself that He Han didn’t look that much in a rush, to stay so long in her house even though he had a job to get to.

He Han said, “Lend Dudu to me for a moment, I want to talk to him for a little.”

Ye Fan watched He Han carry Dudu away to the entrance, then the two whispered quietly with each other.

What made Ye Fan feel even more helpless is the fact that she couldn’t hear what they were saying from where she was sitting.

And more importantly, she couldn’t just waltz over to eavesdrop on them.

Dudu pressed close to He Han’s ear and said, “Uncle, you still have to work hard!”

Just now, He Han asked Dudu if he was willing to accept him as his father.

As for He Han’s question, Dudu may have hesitated for a moment, but he still agreed.

Dudu liked this uncle a lot, so he hoped that his Mama would like him too.

And, He Han told him that as long as he and Ye Fan gets together, Dudu would be able to see him every day.

Then, He Han will be good to Dudu and Ye Fan every day from then on.

He Han stroked Dudu’s head. “Uncle will.”

He Han straightened up and prepared to leave.

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