MLSW Ch.266 Are You Here To Play? (2)

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On the bottom of the desks in the private room were mahjong machines, automatic ones at that. The four each chose a card and picked their spots. Su Yaya chose east, Yan Junyan chose south, Xu Chengkun chose north, and Xu Chaoran chose west. Each one sat down according to their spots. After they shuffled the cards, they started playing.


Shen Xiuqi got off the plane and immediately transferred to a plane going to Vietnam. He spent three hours or so on the way before he arrived at the Vietnam Airport. Shen Xiuqi walked over to see Lin Hai waiting for him already.

“Chairman Shen.” Lin Hai saw Shen Xiuqi walking out of the airport. He smiled and waved at him.

Shen Xiuqi walked over in large strides.

Lin Hai opened the car door for him and Shen Xiuqi bent down, sitting in. Lin Hai then ran to the front passenger seat, and had the driver start driving.

“Go to agritourism.” Shen Xiuqi ordered.

Lin Hai said okay before telling the driver to drive straight to agritourism.

The car ride was a bit long. Shen Xiuqi was on the plane the entire day, so he felt a bit dizzy. His head was buzzing and he recalled the scene in his dream from time to time. It made him feel even more exhausted.

Shen Xiuqi kept his eyes closed to rest. He didn’t know how long the car ride was but he only opened his eyes again after hearing Lin Hai say that they were at agritourism.

“Chairman Shen, we’re here.” Lin Hai got out and opened the door for Shen Xiuqi.

Shen Xiuqi got out of the car and glanced at Qingya Garden. As expected, he saw the same exact door on an agritourism door as well as the eye-grabbing “Qingye Garden.”

It was almost two months. Shen Xiuqi couldn’t help himself in the end. He hurried back from America just to see Su Yaya and the baby in her stomach.

Having a bit of a homesick feeling, Shen Xiuqi actually felt terrified. He was clearly here and in front of Su Yaya’s agritourism, but he felt like a coward, not daring to walk in.

On the way here, he imagined many different ways that he’d meet Su Yaya. They were all happy scenarios. But when he was really here, he was worried that it was just one-sided. Su Yaya might give him a completely different scenario.

Shen Xiuqi stood at the door, hesitating for a while. He didn’t move. Lin Haihai stood next to him and tried calling, “Chairman Shen, are you going in?”

Since he was already here, no matter the result, he should just go visit her. Plus, Su Yaya was still pregnant with their child. Hadn’t he thought this through? No matter what, even if he had to pester her, he’d beg for her forgiveness and have her accept him again. Therefore, what was there to be scared of? What was worse than Su Yaya not wanting him or their child? No, nothing. The most difficult obstacle was in front of him right now!

Thinking of this, Shen Xiuqi recovered his charm and imposing manner. He walked straight inside the agritourism in large strides.

The staff members in the agritourism saw the dignified person in charge from last time. Today, he brought an even more handsome and dignified man into agritourism. They hurriedly smiled and walked over, welcoming them.

“Chairman Lin, you’re here to play?”

Lin Hai nodded at the staff members. “I accompanied President Shen here. Is your boss here?”

The staff member said, “Boss is inside. I’ll go and call her.”

Shen Xiuqi reached over and stopped him. “No need. Just tell me where she is. I’ll go inside and look for her.”

The only reason he said this was because he was worried that Su Yaya might be unwilling to come see him if she knew it was him. Then, he’d really lose his face. He rather not tell her for now and catch her unexpected. That way, it’d be more effective.

The staff member glanced at Shen Xiuqi’s overly handsome face and his stunning imposing manner. He subconsciously listened to his words and said, “The boss is at the streaming waters private room.”

Streaming waters private room?

That sounded like a good name.

Shen Xiuqi followed along into the lounge. The moment he entered, he saw the streaming waters private room, walking over without hesitation.

He faintly heard the sound of mahjong from inside the private room. The closer Shen Xiuqi got, the louder the sound of the machine shuffling the mahjong was. He walked to the door of the streaming waters private room and knocked on it. He then heard a clear and crisp female voice, “Come in.”

They haven’t seen each other in a while and her voice was still as sweet and pleasing to the ears.

Shen Xiuqi was overwhelmed by lots of feelings inside. He reached over and pushed the door, walking in to see Su Yaya sitting at the master seat. She was holding a mahjong piece and slapped it on the table, her smile incredibly splendid. She pointed at Xu Chaoran and chuckled.

Xu Chaoran complained right then, “Why do you always have the winning piece?”

Su Yaya was incredibly happy, bursting into laughter. “I told you not to put that one, but you just had to. Hahaha, give me the money. Give me the money. Let me see how much I have here. Hahaha, I can’t count them all, hahaha!”

Shen Xiuqi was speechless.

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